Three of a kind – three cards that are of the same rank, plus two unconnected cards.

Two pair – two cards that are of the same rank, two cards of another rank, and one unconnected card.If two poker players each were to have two pair and their high pair was to be of the same rank, the  winning hand would be established by the rank of the lower pair.  If both lower pair would also be of the same rank, then the winning hand would be established by the  rank of the unconnected one.

One pair – two cards that are of the same rank, plus three unconnected cards.  If two poker players were to be holding the same rank of one pair, the rank of their side cards would establish the best hand.

No pair – five cards that are unconnected.

As a cue, in the event that two or more poker hands were to tie in a specific category, the winning hand would be established by the rank of the unconnected cards.  Also, all suits would be equal value for establishing hand rankings at the showdown.  The hand rankings listed would be for poker only.  However, in some forms of poker, and in other forms known as split-pot games the best low hand, with certain credentials, would win the pot.

Many of these poker games will be addressed in this book. In all of them, the best low hand would be five-four-three-deuce-ace, Which would also be known as a wheel or a bicycle, and straights and flushes would be ignored forlow. Additionally, the only form of closed poker we will address lowball draw would be played with  a standard fifty-two-card deck,Plus a joker, which would count as the lowest card not already in a player’s hand.


As we have been stressing, casino poker could be a great deal of fun. That’s why so many people are playing it. But poker will be very intricate, and many players will be very cutthroat. This would mean that to do well in the game, you would have to be able to play at your best. The following are a few tips that might be useful to you in this area.

Tip No. 1: Maintaining a positive attitude.

A good stance would transform into patience and discipline.Sometimes you wouldn’t get your fair share of good playable hands, and this could be exasperating. But if your stance would become negative, you could find yourself playing poker hands you shouldhave discarded, besides making other costly blunders.

Tip No. 2: Recognizing the short-term luck factor in poker.

To play poker well would need loads of skill, yet the game would consist of a immense fraction ofluck in the short run. Good players would beat bad players, but not necessarily the next time you were to play. And seeing a poor player would win many hands in a short period of time could be daunting, particularly if you were to be involved in some of those pots. But this short-term luck would be part of play poker and, in fact, would be one of the features that would keep the games from booming. Sometimes you would be the player who would get lucky.  When this was to happen, you would be said to be on a ‘rush,’ which would be a wonderful feeling.

Tip No. 3: Being well-rested when you play.

You would have to make a lot of choices when you play poker, and deciding the best course of action would often be tricky. Although practice would help in this area, being able to think clearly and quickly would be very important. If you were to be tired, you could make a few errors that you typically wouldn’t be making, and these mistakes simply could be the difference between winning and losing.

Tip No. 4: Drinking in moderation.

There would be nothing wrong with drinking socially while playing poker.  But several players have drunk too much and then started making bad choices.  An intoxicated play poker player would normally play too many hands, and go too far with his hands,  call too many bets and raises, overplay his practically good holdings, and otherwise make judgments connected with bad play.

Tip No. 5: Enjoy the game.

Poker would be fun to play, but as noted, it could be quite annoying at times, in part because of the short-term luck feature. lf you were to become dispirited and were to lose your patience and restraint, you might find out that you would be making too many mistakes to succeed. So you should sit back, relax, and enjoy playing the game of poker.

Tip No. 6: Being cautious of playing in a game if you are uncomfortable with
the stakes.

Should you be playing poker with your rent money? Certainly not. Firstly, you could lose it, and that would be a big problem. Secondly, if you were playing at a limit you would not be at ease with, the strain could cause you to make costly mistakes, or at the very least, you wouldn’t be playing your best poker game.

Tip No. 7: Always playing your best.

Sometimes when you will be seeing poor poker players making significant mistakes and still winning, you might be coaxed to emulate their play. You shouldn’t do it. You should remember that in spite of the short-term luck aspect, poker would be a game of skill, and good players would beat bad players in the long run.

Tip No. 8:Protecting your hand.

When you will first begin to play poker, it will be essential to remember to cover up your cards so that no one else could see them. After playing for a short while, this must become second nature. As anticipated, if someone were to know what you were holding, it would be almost impossible to win, irrespective of how well you
play poker.

It would also be essential to hold on to your cards or to put a chip on top of them, so the dealer wouldn’t erroneously think you have disposed your poker hand.  Moreover, you must turn your cards face up at the showdown, so the dealer could read your handto see if you have won the pot. If not, you could learn that your poker concept hand has been mucked instead of winning the pot that is, disposed by the dealer.