As we have mentioned, seven card Stud poker has been a complex game, and establishing the best possible play in A given situation would entail several factors.  Following would be a few tips that would help you make the correct choices before we were to get  into details on what hands to play and how you should play them.

Tip No. 1: Playing live hands.

seven card Stud, as its name would mean, is a seven card poker game. Consequently, you would have to poker playing hands that would have A good chance to develop. For example, if you were to start with three cards of the same suit called a three flush and Several other cards of this suit were out on board, your hand would be said to be dead and therefore would have to be disposed.

By the same token, if only one or two of your suited cards were to be showing, you would have a hand of value that must be played in most conditions.

Tip No. 2: Big pairs would play better against only one or two opponents,
while drawing hands would prefer lots of company.

a hand like would both be good poker hands, but they would play much differently.

and a hand like

Big pairs would usually do best when played in short-handed pots, because against only a few rivals, a big pair would have a realistic chance of winning without development.

The opposite would be true of the drawing hands, Such as a three flush or a three straight.  Although these would be good starting poker hands, they would have no instant value.

Furthermore, you would not complete your flush or straight very often. You would therefore rather have many rivals, So that when you would make your hand, Someone would Still be around to pay it off.

Tip No.3: Small and medium pairs would be much worse than big pairs.

a hand like would Sometimes be good poker hands.

and  even a hand like

But in general, there would be a big difference in strength between These hands and the big pairs.  For rivals could easily catch a card higher than your pair, one of your rivals could easily catch a card higher than your pair, which could give him a bigger pair that would beat you.

Tip No. 4: Having one or more high cards would add value to your hand.

We have just touched on This. Holding a high card would let you to catch another card of the same rank, which could be enough to win The pot.

Having more than one high card would be even better.

Tip No. 5: You should be aware – and beware – of Scare cards.

a scare card that could either develop your poker hand or would let you to catch another card that would develop your hand.

For instance, catching a suited jack on The fourth street to go along with a king would add colossal value to your hand. Your rival would now have to worry about a possible straight or flush, as well as a possible big pair. Similarly, you would need to be apprehensive when your rival was to catch a scare card.

Tip No.6: It is often correct to chase.  

Even Though you would have to be discerning of the poker hands you play, once you were to enter a pot, it would often be correct to go all the way. This would often be true even when you were to be certain you wouldn’t have the best poker hand. Of course, if your hand were to become unpromising, you would have to dispose of it.  But in many conditions, you would have enough ways to win That pursuing would be valuable.